I’m Still Fat…And I’m Now Over 40

I had such great intentions when I started this site. I was going to lose 100 pounds and tackle an IRONMAN triathlon before I turned 40, but here it is…4 years later, and I still have just as many pounds to lose and I’m not a single step closer to becoming an IRONMAN triathlete. But, I’m feeling motivated to try again. You know the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.”, well…that’s what I’m doing .

Over the past 4 years, I’ve jumped on the weightloss bandwagon a few times and even lost some weight, only to gain it back along with some new weight. I’ve also tried Couch to 5k a few times, but never made it past week 2.

I recently moved across the country to Arizona and tried a new hairdresser. While we were doing the chatty “get to know you” stuff, she told me she’s training for a Half IRONMAN. She was just a normal lady in her 40s. She wasn’t young and super fit, but she was training to do a Half IRONMAN and she inspired me that I could still do this.

I reached out to a friend who is an IRONMAN coach and she told me the same thing my other IRONMAN friend told me, anyone can do an IRONMAN with the right training.

And so I begin again…

When I looked for a recent picture of myself, the only ones I can find from the last few weeks are of me with someone else. This picture was taken at the end of August. I’ve actually gained a few pounds since this picture was taken (go figure…I was going to enter a weight loss competition with these photos). I figured this would give us a more accurate starting point since they’re full body photos.

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